Akali Counter: The Best Counters in League of Legends


League of Legends: The best Akali Counters

“Try to not waste the annoyance. Instead, channel it.”

Akali is the most difficult boss to see in the League of Legends mid-path.

She is extremely portable and has death potential and wave clear. Despite constant nerfs, she has maintained her position in the meta. This gives her an incredible split-push ability and is also a danger to team fights. Patch 11.6 changed her meta and brought her back to the mid-path meta. All control mages spun out of control.

Pros and cons

While she is full of great qualities, there are a few things you need to do to keep her from growing. Here are some counter options to defeat Akali on the mid path.

Akali plays a one-dimensional game, focusing on getting close enough to land a Five Point Strike(Q), before withdrawing from her Assassin Mark’s (P) reach in order to get the increased harm and reach buff on her next assault. You have two options: you can either avoid the Five Point Strike and be safe, or you can retreat in case she lands it.

Akali is at level six and becomes an immense problem because of her Perfect Execution extreme. It basically grants her access to four runs: two through a definitive run, two by way of her Shuriken Flip, (E). This allows her to maneuver quickly around team fights and makes it impossible for you to react. Keep this in mind during the laning phase, because if you don’t have Flash, she will simply kill you.


  • Twisted Fate

  • Twisted Fate, a meandering and wave-clear mid laner, is one of the most grounded in the current meta. Most players accept that he is soft. Professional killer players Akali can cultivate him by using legitimate runes. Akali can then get a lead.
  • Your Stacked Deck(E) must be used on Akali at all times. You must stick her down, but not go beyond the range of her combo. If you keep pounding her down, she will eventually come back to you. You will have the opportunity to either make a gold lead with tower plates or to allow her to wander off on different paths. You can make her go away with a Pick a Card Gold (W) and Wild Cards (Q) in the event she tries to enter. Akali will experience severe damage from them both in the early stages.

Be aware of Akali’s location in team fights. You should have a clear lead over Akali if you’ve done the path correctly. This will enable you to help your group achieve targets and make your success condition contingent on your group piece. If Akali becomes overextended and enters her Twilight Shroud, make sure you use your most powerful in-team fights to capture her.

  • Kassadin


Kassadin’s coordination with Akali’s harm and portability makes him the most grounded counter. He did not have the opportunity to get started before but his present base harm is sufficient to power Akali’s play.

Consider exchanging with Akali, using your Null Sphere(Q) and an Auto Assault by means Of Nether Blade(W) at any stage she attempts to take her combo during laning. This combination can deliver around 200 harms. You may be able to gain a significant advantage by participating in multiple such exchanges. You can play Kassadin into Akali by putting a sorcery harm shield on your Q. This protects you from a lot of opposition in your exchanges. Force Pulse is an admission to which you can gain access. This makes your exchanges much more grounded.

Break Walk (R), which allows you to coordinate and work with Akali throughout the laning phase. You must reach Everfrost in a short time. This will allow you to dig Akali or set up kills in mid-game. After you reach your definitive, you may start wandering.

  • Galio



Galio can be a more protective boss than Akali. Galio excels at setting up ganks, moving around the guide, and is not an immediate counter to Akali in the laning stage.

You can endure the laning stage with your wizardry arranged pack and tankiness. You can usually get a Justice Punch, Winds of War (Q), or Shield of Durand combo if she attempts to use her combo. This combo, even with a small amount of power, can cause a lot of damage.

As the game progresses, you will reach level six. You can then make plays throughout the guide with your worldwide extreme. Find plays in the guide and make them go. You won’t be as important if you don’t move with Akali along the mid path. Shuriken Flip is something you should be watching as Akali might follow your wanders down different paths.


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