Australian Pet Treat Company

Meet Jaxie. She is a kelpie, five years old, mostly red with some blond patches around her feet.

Right now, she is mournfully looking up at her owners as they inhale ice cream on the couch. She’s got the doe-eyed look down pat.

Samuel, the five year old human who Jaxie thinks might be her brother, looks down at her and wilts. The ice-cream hovers on his spoon for a second, before he splats it down on the carpet in front of her. Jaxie starts to move in before Dad pushes her aside.

“Sammy, mate, you can’t give ice-cream to Jaxie. It’s not good for her.”

Jaxie sulks back onto her mat, wondering why no one has thought to look up an Australian Pet treat Company to see what might be on offer.

Sure, the odd piece of toast thrown her way is gratefully received and vanishes down her throat before she can even taste it.

Maybe at the dinner table, she can tempt her sister Amelia to part with some grissle. But it never felt like it was Jaxie’s. It was always an afterthought.

Mum comes into the living room.

“I’ve got a solution.”

In her hand is a small packet that Jaxie hasn’t seen before. And that is impressive, because Jaxie stalks about every piece of food in the house.

“It’s this brand called Petsy Poles. They are an Australian pet treat company, and I thought we could pick some up before Sammy gives her all of his ice cream.”

She reaches in and an aroma of beef gently wafts from the bag. Jaxie’s ears are at full attention, and she is poised, ready to spring onto something delicious like her ancestors in the bush from time immemorial.

Mum throws a small brown chunk into the air, and as if in slow motion, it spins  and Jaxie raises on her haunches, catching it in her mouth.

For a moment, there is no thought. She is simply in a rapture. She hangs in mid air

Then her front feet hit the carpet and she savours the last of the flavour. This, she does not wolf down like a common piece of toast. This is something entirely new altogether.

“Looks like a winne,r” says Mum, laughing as she scratches behind her ears. It is, Jaxie barks in reply, and licks her fingers, in what is both an act of love and the scrappings for the bits of flavour left on her hands.

Truth be told, it was delicious. But it was only as she curled up on her cushion later that night when she realised what she had really loved about it.

They had bought her a treat from a dedicated Australian pet treat company. This was no offcut or afterthought. This was about as tangible as love could get for a little dog like Jaxie.

Every dog will have its day. Today was Jaxie’s day.

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