How SEO and Content should Work Together

“Great Content is the best sales tool in the world”, and certainly, digital marketer Marcus Sheridan’s words are true.

For an explanation of him, we can also refer to marketing strategist Lee Odden, who says: “Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

In simple terms, we can say content marketing is the process of bringing customers to your website to learn about your products and services. Nevertheless, as a digital marketer, you know that your content will not shine without SEO. Content marketing and SEO are therefore inseparable parts of digital marketing. In order to see how SEO and Content are related, let’s break them down separately.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing primarily involves writing and publishing content to attract customers. By creating relationships with your clients through content, content marketing primarily serves to increase sales. According to Andrew Davis “Content build relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Here are some characteristics of content marketing:

  • One of the roles of a content marketer is to understand the needs of their target audience. You won’t be able to generate relevant content if you don’t identify the need.
  • Continuing to publish different types of engaging and enjoyable content is also an important part of it.
  • Content marketing is all about helping people because “what helps people, helps business” and Leo Brunett is right.

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What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

In the opinion of Danny Sullivan “SEO is only not seen as rocket science by those who already know it”. Then what is it?

In Matt Cutts’ words “SEO is like a resume, you polish it so you have your best foot forward.”

Basically, Search engine optimization is the process of driving more traffic to your site. In the opinion of Neil Patel – A website must have a rock-solid foundation for better performance on SERP. It is the technical SEO that makes the website foundation sturdy.

Here are a few of the features of SEO:


  • SEO improves website ranking organically. For a better SERP position, you need to have effective SEO strategies.
  • To reach the top of the search results, relevant keywords must be identified. However, Phil Frost has also mentioned that “Successful SEO is not about tricking Google”. SEO is about collaborating with Google for showing better results to the target audiences.


  • It involves the optimization of relevant and useful content.
  • SEO is also an organic process of Link building.


What is the relation between Content and SEO?

You are already aware as a digital marketer that social media can be very effective in improving SEO. Imagine what would happen if the content wasn’t appealing enough to your audience? Along with your SEO score, you will begin to lose visitors. In order to engage readers, high-quality content is also important.

Having created a meaningful piece of content, you can now place all your keywords. Yet again, stuffing primary keywords in an attempt to boost SEO rankings will do no good. You can organically achieve it as Matt Cutts said “The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”; the objective is that your links are natural.” In fact, the top Content Marketing Services in India would also agree with this.

To make a positive impact on the digital world, SEO and Content need to work together. Here are a few points that may help you to understand why:


  1. Together, we win:

Together, the SEO team and the content team should work hard to create impactful content. The SEO team of the top SEO Company in India works closely with the content team. While the SEO team strategizes to drive traffic, the content team continues to work on creating relevant content.

The content team prepares something relevant to the customer by preparing content that is relevant to their needs. Content departments are therefore responsible for coming up with some great ideas. Now the SEO team can work on how to improve SEO scores. As a result, excellence isn’t possible without collaboration.


  1. Content and keywords:

 SEO and Content

It is the SEO team’s responsibility to determine what keywords are relevant. In order to achieve higher rankings on Google’s search engine results page, keywords are crucial. However, the content team must use this keyword carefully and only wherever necessary.

Developing high-quality content and using these keywords without compromising its quality should be the team’s goal. As a result, driving more audience would not be that difficult if these two teams collaborate.

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  1. Know your aim:

Identifying your content’s purpose is also crucial. Whether or not your research is fruitful is immaterial, so don’t be discouraged. It is not easy to understand your goals, and nothing happens overnight. Do not worry about experimenting with new concepts when strategizing. Hence, do your best with SEO strategies without sacrificing the quality of your content.


  1. Link building:

Link building is a vital part of SEO, and if your content is excellent, you will attract links on your own. Creating great content that catches the attention of your audience will organically earn inbound links.


  1. Attractive title:

 Content pieces with attractive titles are always successful in capturing readers’ attention. When readers find something interesting, they tend to stay on your page for longer. Consequently, your web traffic will increase as you start getting more views. Therefore, achieving a higher rank on the SERP is easy for your website.


  1. Where to put the keywords:

 Although the SEO team may supply the primary keywords, the content writers must know where to place them. The writers should try to use the keyword in the heading section. A website’s heading always informs the reader what the page is all about. Thus, if you include the keyword in this particular section, you can boost your SEO score organically.

End Note

SEO and content are the best pals who go hand-in-hand to boost website ranking organically. Ignoring either of these will never allow you to accomplish your goal in this digital world. So, always create effective content first and then optimize it organically for better results.











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