Lancom Systems – A No-brainer For The Digital Protection Of Your Business.

Ever wanted to be just partially protected? To have barely-there security? We know you can’t answer, but we’re happy to take the leap and assume it would be an unabashed ‘no’. And we don’t blame you, we wouldn’t either. Which is why lancom systems are a no-brainer for the digital protection of your business. 

By providing a secure network, these systems are hosting the tunnel that your sensitive information travels through, no matter where it is going.

As with any tunnel you would travel through, your expectations that the framework will maintain its structural integrity and allow you safe passage from point A to point B is sound reasoning.

We have made the firewall impenetrable from viruses and any other cyber attacks that may threaten the security of your information. 

How Lancom Systems  is Different from others:

Unlike the Cross City and Lane Cove Tunnel (and many others just like it), our digital security thoroughfare is not difficult to set up. With a range of constructional options, we have given you the ability to dictate the means by which your information is protected.


Lancom Advanced VPN Client is one of the lancom systems that makes protection easy for your business. Through a single click, you can access the company network whilst activating the security of the route through which it travels. 

Although we know most tunnels do not wash your car as you travel through them, nor do they issue you with a pink slip coming out the other side, we do believe in a passageway that comes with extra perks.

So with the purchase of Manopark lancome systems for your business, you are entitled to standard installation within the Business Protect Essential or Enhanced IP Plan, daily alarm testing and alarm responses and remote monitoring of a nominated area at your business premises by TSM monitoring centre. 

The extras that come at additional monthly costs include patrol call outs, monitoring of additional areas of your business premises within the Business Protect Essential and Enhanced Fix Line Plans and hardware repayment options with a casual plan.

Going without them won’t compromise the secure passageway of your information, but it will ensure it is properly fuelled and serviced for the journey. 

We are the road often travelled, but trust us, with lancom systems and firewall software, you want the path well worn. Let us take care of your information while you take care of your business. It’s our job, and we’re good at it. 


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