Things you need to know while replacing the garage door opener with an updated model


This is an age of rapid technological advancements. With advancements in science, the technology of yesterday is rendered outdated. Be our mobile phones, laptops, or any other gadgets, we, as consumers, often tend to be drawn towards the latest advancements, the newest models, and the cool features.

This growing trend has also been seen in the case of garage door openers. People are considering the replacement of their existing door openers with the latest models due to the myriad of new features that they offer. This holds true even if the grave door opener that they are currently using is in considerably good condition.

The newer garage door openers come with added security, limited malfunctions, and considerably quieter operation. Here we shall discuss the aspects that one should take into consideration while opting for a newer garage door opener.

  • Security:

Old garage door openers are more prone to theft and breach as compared to newer ones. Old garage openers operate with a fixed code. Thieves can use certain devices to capture these codes and create a new remote in order to open your garage. On the other hand, newer openers operate on a random code that is generated every time the opener is used. Hence stroking such codes can be rather difficult, this making them less likely.

  • Improved battery backup:

Modern garage openers usually use the battery as their power source; hence dependence on grid power is limited. Hence, during a power outage, these come in handy and they can open your garage using a battery. Songs novels also come with a light inside the garage that can operate on battery, thus making your life a lot easier.

  • Limited noise:

Garage doors openers, which is a chain-drive mechanism, are extremely noisy. This poses a great deal of problems if you tend to arrive home late quite often, and the noise of the garage door opening is loud enough to disturb your sleeping family members.

New garage door openers are either driven by a belt or use a screw-driven mechanism. Thus they might prove to be a very good alternative if you wish to replace your garage door opener. You can contact for garage door repair Las Vegas NV.

  • State-of-the-art Safety Reversal Systems:

New age garage door openers come with safety reversal systems that go a long way in saving accidents. The beams are fitted on the right side of the garage doors, about six inches from the floor. In case a person, animal, or any other object is there on the garage floor that may obstruct the closure of the door, then it is sensed by this technology. In such a situation, the closure of the door reverses, thus avoiding any sort of injury to living or non-living things.

  • Remote operation:

Many new garage door openers come with high-end features that let the user open or close the garage doors remotely, using the internet connection. You can also check when your garage door is open.

Hence, replacing your existing garage door opener is usually a commendable idea in general. It shall provide you with the latest technology, and all the benefits it has to offer.


  • Can you install a garage door opener on your own?

If you like to pick up a few tools and don’t mind doing stuff on your own, then of course, you can install a garage door opener on your own. It does require some amount of technical know-how. If you are handy with tools, then installation of a garage door opener should not be of much trouble to you.

  • How can I be sure that no one can open my garage door in my absence?

These days some garage opener models come with a control panel that can block signals from all remote controls. This, it is very difficult to break into your greatness and steam your expressive car during your absence. It can be safely said that new garage door openers are a much safer option than the old ones.


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