Top 10 best voice changers for discord


TodayThese voice changers are free and can be used to discard a large number of internet gamers who use them to keep their identities secret on game streaming sites like Jerk.

We are specifically targeting Friction because these are the pillar of visit apps like Skype or Disagreement.

A disunity transformer can also be used to alter the behaviour of other people.

Here is a list of the top voice changers that can be used for discord.


Voicemod is the best voice changer for discord.

Voicemod is a remarkable tool that has a greater number of voice filters. A wide range of voice effects are available that will allow you to have fun and perform functional jobs.

The tool is easy to use, progressive, and free for all Windows stages.

Live voice impact demos

Windows: Free of Charge

VoiceMeeter discord’s the best voice changer that provides cutting-edge clients. Clients who are proficient in mixing audio are being discussed.

voice meter

VoiceMeeter can be difficult to use. It is only recommended to clients who have access to specialized information about sound mixing tools.

Easy and fast establishment

Supporting MME and DX interfaces

  • Morphvox

  •                                     voice changer

This discord Mac: The best voice changers is the most powerful voice-changing application.

This tool is fun as well. It allows you to create ambient sounds while interfacing with other people on the internet. This enhances your internet gaming experience. You can also add amazing audio effects to enhance your overall understanding.

You can find a wide range of sound effects.

Fast keys for Dispatch audio effects

Super calm foundation dropping

MorphVox also continues to evolve. MorphVox has many other features, including MP3 perusing, document re-establishing, and similar organizers.

This is the best option for ambient or adding sound effects.

A Voice changer can be as vital as any voice changing device. You have three choices. It offers three options. You can either copy a sound file to change it or use it using a receiver.

This is discord can be sounded by the best female vocal changes the voices include a variety of voices from non-exclusive young girl voices to well-known film and animation voices.

This can be used to your advantage in your online gaming meetings or while you talk with your fellow gamers.

A receiver can camouflage or change their voice

Check voice impact demo

Discourse generator.

5. AV voice changer

Voice changing is possible with VoIP tools, pretending to be games and other talk applications.

AV Voice Changer lets you change the parts of your voice so it is unrecognizable to your audience. You can be anything you like, from a child to a robot. best female voice changer for discard.

Recording voice

Voice editor

The best choice for voice recording for Android devices.

Super Voice Changer is a clever voice proofreader that records your voice and makes it sound completely unrecognizable. You can use this tool. How do I get a voice changer to discard? You can make changes to your recorded voice without too much difficulty and make it seem more child-like, evil, or like an acclaimed, superhuman character.

This tool can also help you to improve the quality of your voice and make it more musical.

Voice recorder

Sound manager

Sound tuner

Voice Change for Visit Applications

Clownfish area voice changer for discord PC.

Clownfish use a simple UI to make it as easy as possible.

Clownfish is free and can be used with all versions of Windows.

Unfortunately, Clownfish doesn’t have a lot of support for accents. Clownfish might not understand your discourse and you could end up repeating the exact same thing repeatedly.

8. Voxal Voice changer

This discord is best solved by using the best voice changer

Although the interface seems simple and clear, it is almost impossible to use. It limits the time you are able to use the voice transformer, and any other alternatives are bolted off until the paid version is purchased.

Voxal may need to be similar to certain Steam games. If you try to use too many impacts immediately, the voice transformer might stop working. As a paid assist, I would expect programming to run smoothly. However, that wasn’t the case.

Robovox voice changer

Although this is a higher level, it does have some protection issues. After utilizing the assistance for a few minutes, I started to be designated as an advertiser. This is likely to be one of the few administrations that allows me to get this designation.ChromebookEven the paid form is available.

RoboVox’s highlights are nothing special. Virtually all of RoboVox’s highlights can be found on the other voice transformer to Friction alternatives. Just to top it all, when I attempted to download the file, I was greeted with a vindictive warning.

A specific application for Android clients. It is very easy to set up and use as a voice changer. You have the option to alter your voice using a variety of options. Additionally, you can add impacts for unadulterated entertainment.

This tool allows you to import prerecorded sound files and modify them to your liking. There are more than 40 voice effects that you can use with the tool. It can be used with Android talk apps.


Import pre-recorded audio

Use the text to communicate your thoughts

Set ringtones, and guests tunes


Voice changers are fun to use and, strangely enough, have some value for anyone who is open-minded.

There is no reason not to. These apparatuses can be used by back-end representatives as a way to conceal their voices and keep gamers a mystery on streaming stages. They also work well on other talk applications such as Skype and Disagreement.

These tools can be a remarkable way to relax and surprise your online friends, even if you don’t have any practical use for them.



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