Top 10 Game Development Companies in India

The gaming industry has seen an increase in its users delivering a covid era, leading to increased profits and opportunities for the industry to grow. 5G transitions and intrinsic low latency will play a key role in the adoption of Metaverse experiences and cloud games. Game development companies in India are developing amazing gaming solutions that bring the knowledge of the future today to business customers.

Check out the list of top android game development company in India 2022-23 and choose the best partner for your requirements!

top android game development company

AIS Technolabs

With their amazing combination of engagement and expertise, AIS Technolabs provides a full cycle of game development services to make their customers a theme of religion, community specialty, or, in any case, high-end crowded choice.

AIS Technolabs helps its customers build a high-quality gaming solution. With extensive integration with Unreal Engine and Unity3d, AIS Technolabs offers an amazing integration of AR / VR and metaverse technology for gamers around the world.

L&T Infotech

LTI focuses on the development of a full-blown game from the imagination, to the co-development of game solutions with excellent team productivity and fast and effective game installation.

They provide end-to-end game solutions for their clients’ projects at all stages with their 2D and 3D game development strategies.


Nilee Games and Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2011 with a strong focus on becoming a professional gaming service provider.

NGFT provides game product development services that include a variety of technologies such as AR / VR, Simulation, Motion Sensors, Embedded Systems, Robots, and custom design technology.

Hashbyte Studio

Hashbyte Studio has extensive experience in game development. The expert team at Hashbyte Studio has a highly skilled and sharp eye for managing products with a passion for innovation to set new trends between the design industry and the rapidly evolving engineering industry.

With a variety of experience in the service industry, Hashbyte Studio is a high-quality eye-tracking and sharp-sighted lab for precision.

With more than 10 years of experience as members, Hashbyte Studio selects products with enthusiasm and hunger for innovation to set new trends between the fast-growing design industry and engineering.

It all started in 2018 when a small team of game lovers who were also passionate about planning and creative art decided to start a play studio.

These services are treated as our product, gaining equal pride of satisfaction with customers. Quality is what Hashbyte focuses on.

The Hashbyte project planning process is our key element, ensuring the success of the project with complete transparency. With a passion for work, Hashbyte has maintained a 100% success rate with high-quality delivery.

Hashbyte manages projects with a client perspective as a major guide that can add significant improvements so that the product is at the forefront of the industry.

With great enthusiasm for innovation and technology, Hashbyte not only does things differently but also do things differently.

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Spiel Studios

Spiel Studios creates the best interactive entertainment by making games that change the way people are happy.

Spiel is very focused on developing and releasing mobile and online platform games and provides the best user experience and game performance to all players around the world.

 99 Games

99 Games is a team of artists, gamers, writers, coders, and designers who create amazing game solutions. They create games that entertain players and connect them with players around the world.

They have games focused on every aspect of their existence and they put a lot of thought into making the game.

 nCORE Games

NCore is a mobile game and affiliate entertainment company based in Bangalore, India. NCore Games creates and publishes mobile games that define a category.

NCore greatly develops multiplayer games with focused stories that have a strong connection to Indian ethics.


UnderDogs is a Mumbai game development studio founded in 2011, which provides video game development solutions that users can play on their smartphones, desktop PCs, tablets, and the web.

Games are available on a variety of operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon, and Blackberry platforms.

HCL Technologies

HCL technology claims to be doing the best of any game development project they are doing in their entire way of viewing as many things as their other services.

They have a very diverse team of game developers who help customers make their vision come alive with interactive images and promising business returns.

HData Systems

HData Systems game developers use advanced technology/tools and develop an attractive visual UI and responsive games that can make the game more attractive and appealing to gamers.

HData Systems provides easy-to-use and high-quality solutions that turn customers’ creative ideas into real games. Experienced programmers with HData Systems create themes, and graphics, and build interactive games with new ideas.

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