Top 5 Highest Paying Affiliate Program 2022

When you earn a commission for promoting another company’s product or service online, Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates, in essence, do internet marketing for a merchant to increase traffic and conversions to the merchant’s website. The merchant compensates the affiliate for each click or conversion.

If done correctly, this opportunity can become a valuable element for your organization, providing you with a steady stream of wealth.

You’ll get to know about the best affiliate programs for beginners as well as professionals.

There are many web hosting in SriLanka provider who provide the best affiliate commission if you sell their services.

Types Of Affiliate Program

Highest Paying Affiliate Program

There are many types of Affiliate Programs, but it has 3 main types, i.e.-

  1. Unattached affiliate marketing

These are your standard affiliate marketing methods in which you have no presence and authority in the product area. There is no relationship with the end-user, the buyers just have to click on it, buy the product, and the affiliate will receive the commission.

  1. Involved affiliate marketing

Involved affiliate marketing refers to utilizing a product or service, believing in it, and suggesting it to your audience. Because of this, the product practically becomes a “must-have.” Not in a banner ad or any other source.

  1. Related affiliate marketing

Let’s talk about top-paying affiliate programs. It is another type of affiliate marketing. This is when you have some kind of online existence, whether a blog, a podcast, social media, or videos, and you have affiliate links related to your specialty.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Let’s talk about some Affiliate programs which get the highest commission with the highest paying affiliate programs in 2022-


The GreenGeeks Affiliates Program has the potential for higher payments as compared with other affiliate programs.

By selling a single GreenGeeks account in a month, you may get $50 at least.


GreenGeeks provides banners with your referrer code and the option to generate individual campaign codes to track how different techniques or locations perform.

They provide a commission of $50-$100 on each sale. The exact amount varies on the number of sales done in a month.

The life of the referral cookie provided is endless and does not expire.


SiteGround provides an excellent opportunity to their affiliates by providing a high commission on each sale with high conversion rates.


They are providing day-to-day assistance and advice on how to increase your revenue. A specialized affiliate manager will consult with you, providing best practices, and they’ll also customise a performance strategy for you.

Their payouts are both quick and flexible, with great affiliate support.

Giving a commission of $50-$100, depending on the number of sales, and customizable commission on exceptional performances.

SiteGround’s referral cookie life lasts for 60 days.

Liquid Web

With the web hosting industry’s most renowned affiliate and referral program, you may earn cash or hosting credit for every new customer you bring in for Liquid Web.

Liquid Web imparts its affiliates with features like these-

  • You’ll get a one-time commission.
  • Content and links explicitly created for you
  • Personalized landing pages
  • Exclusive sales and promotions are announced in advance.
  • Dedicated affiliate managers for one-on-one assistance

The Commission provided by Liquid Web depends on the hostings you sell. With a $150 minimum, you’ll earn 150 percent of the monthly hosting fee. This means you will be paid $150 if you refer a $29 Managed WordPress 1-site customer.

You’ll get a $600 commission if you refer a $400/month Dedicated customer. And Pre-paid plans are also eligible for a 50% incentive.

The life of the referral cookie Liquid Web provides 90 days.

WP Engine

WP Engine begins marketing with two things on sale- WP Engine plans and StudioPress themes using a single campaign! All you need is to join as an Affiliate Associate and wait to get approved.

Their integrated manager provides you with the resources you need to earn commissions from consumers who buy WP Engine or StudioPress premium WordPress themes.

Below mentioned are the features of the program-

  • Single link for referral tracking
  • Custom-made and exciting curated Landing Pages.
  • Interesting Affiliate Discounts

The commission which WP engine provides is as per the plans.  WP Engine and Genesis Pro sales receive $200 or 100% of the first month’s payment, and StudioPress theme sales receive 35%.

The life of the referral cookies for all WP engine plans is within 180 days and 60 days for StudioPress theme sales.


For different countries, Amazon provides several versions of their website. You must register as an Associate on each site in order to be rewarded for referrals to those sites.

With their worldwide base, working as an affiliate to Amazon, get high-cost commissions and land onto some more significant opportunities.

The commission provided by Amazon depends on the endless product categories that you sell, being 1% to 10%.

Their life of referral cookies is usually 24 hours, but also, the cookie may last for 90 days if someone you referred adds a product to their cart for that particular item/product.


A successful affiliate marketer spends a significant amount of time spreading the word.

They invest time in SEO and do whatever they can to attract visitors to their sites. They establish themselves as experts in specific fields.

You’ll make more money from ten thousand visitors than you will from ten. And the greatest approach to get from ten visitors to ten thousand is to provide relevant and valuable content.

On the internet, things change swiftly and frequently. But one thing remains constant: the greatest approach to attracting an audience is creating excellent content.

We hope you got relevant information about the Top 5 Highest Paying Affiliate Program, their features, commissions, and life of referral cookies.

Thank you for coming this far!

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